Defining Indie Films in India

Hello Indie Cinephiles,

This is a new blog that would like to focus on Indie Films and how its evolving to cater to a new audience. One of the ideas behind starting this blog is to hopefully start a new dialogue on the changing dynamics of Indie Films in India. Independent Films have a deficit of platforms and forums which can foster exchange of ideas, opinion and ways to give a momentum to the indie film movement, which I believe sometimes just runs on auto-pilot.

One of the ways we can start this debate is to first give some definition to Indian Indie Films. Much like a lot of our cultural imports, we have defined Indie Films in an American way. The word ‘Independent’ in the American context means its Independent of the studio system which controls most of the film production. Here in India, most of the films are made by production houses which don’t have the infrastructure or the resources of a studio to enable all aspects of film production, marketing and distribution.

So the definition of Indie Films is misconstrued in the way that it is not Independent in its entity but it remains unconventional or unusual in its style, form, content and story-telling ways. So yes I did address everybody in a wrong way when I said ‘Indie Cinephiles’, maybe I should have said Unusual Cinephiles or ¬†Unconventional Movie Buffs.

The moniker is not important. What’s important is not only how we define Independent Cinema but create new ways to tell stories, subsume new stories from our storied culture and break away from a universal Indie Film Culture. We need to have our own voice, tell stories that are more rooted in our culture. Only then we will have an Independent Film Culture thats truly unusual, unconventional and extraordinary and then we can come with a label that’s truly indigenous and befits the Indie Film Culture in India.